“When I think of Art I think of Beauty.
Beauty is the Mystery of life.
It is not in the eye, it is in the mind.
In our minds there is an awareness of perfection.”

Agnes Martin, 1912-2004, Taos, NM

Pegi McLain Peterson - Artist's Statement




What is art? That’s a perpetual question, but I’ve figured out it’s ok to paint pretty florals on glass or porcelain, and it’s the journey that defines it as art. Art is a process that creates beauty and tranquility. Art can be healing. Not just for me but for a client and their family.


I am influenced greatly by the Impressionist Movement, and I am a porcelain artist. The Impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir was a porcelain artist himself, and famously asked the world “Why shouldn’t art be pretty?” Over the years my art has inspired me, given me tranquility and has also has taught me; I can make lamps functional and whole again, and help heal lives at the same time. It is a very touching and humbling experience.


Touching and humbling: I recently painted a globe for another local. A local who’s Mom was a china painter and had given beautiful hand-painted lamps to all her children. One was broken. It had belonged to her son. After mom had passed, one lovely daughter gave me much of her Mother’s glass painting supplies. I asked if I could paint a globe to replace the broken one. By that time years had passed, time marched on, lives came and went, and this sister – and her brother – had parted ways for many years. But because she needed measurements for the globe had started corresponding with her bother again. And she had planned on taking the replacement globe to her bother herself! Art can be healing. This was quite a spiritual revelation for me as an artist!


Pegi McLain Peterson

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