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Restorations can be done on lamps that are in almost any condition, but most often are done to replace and match broken or missing globes, or missing hardware.  Much lamp hardware is standardized, so old lamps can be refurbished.

Frequently, the most difficult part of a restoration is locating paints with the proper pigments to match the original.  Many of the pigments used before the first quarter of the twentieth century are either no longer available or the compositions have actually changed.  Unlike standard paint, which is not kiln-fired, these paints cannot often be mixed to obtain desired color,
as the color will change when firing.  In some cases, chemical reactions between two pigments will result in a color that is totally unpredictable.

Over the years, I have developed sources for many of the original pigments and have had good success in matching colors.

Restoration prices depend on size of globe, detail of design, amount of firing in kiln, and how hard colors are to match. Portfolio sent by request.
See Examples of lamp repairs.



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"Yes, the lamp arrived safely. It is lovely. My wife was so happy with your work, she started crying. It’s wonderful! The globe looks great! I am very happy with the results also!”

Richard Duke. Clinton, Michigan.